Medieval Week 17-26th April

Join us in April for what will be a truly unique experience as Medieval week takes place from the 17th to 26th. From rooftop tours, medieval ghost tours to drinking mead in a medieval church there are plenty of events for all ages in Kilkenny. Full details of the events taking place can be found on the Visit Kilkenny website.

Kilkenny city full of life!


Kenmur House wishes all our past and future guests a very healthy and safe St. Patricks Day. We took a stroll through the Castle today for a nice crisp walk to see the crocus’ in bloom. Kilkenny city was busy with numerous events taking place for the Kilkenny Tradfest, a vintage carousel on the parade and yellow rubber ducks even took up a section of the river for a charity duck race!! Unfortunately our duck didn’t win but great entertainment was had by all. If you’re planning on a trip to the city just contact us.